I knew I wanted to write something, I was hungry for it, but the problem was I didn't know what exactly to write. So I sat down one day, took my book & pen & started writing, what I was writing I didn't even know.

 I looked at the books close to me & saw how voluminous it was & I asked myself ' will I ever write something like this '. I continued writing & reached a point where I was frustrated & questioned myself if this was exactly what I wanted to do.

I asked myself if I really wanted to write so many times, some part of me wanted to move on (writing what I was not even sure of) & some part told me I shouldn't bother writing that I should look for something else to do. So I succumbed to the second. I tore out the page & was even ashamed of even reading it because I felt it didn't make sense.

Be it as it may, I continued reading other books & got inspiration from them. I finally figured out what I wanted to write. That was about a month after I gave up writing.  I thanked GOD for such inspiration on how the book should be  & what title to give it. As at that time I wanted to title it ' Improve not only your content but also your container '. Hmm, what a title. I then contacted Mr. Precious Kc George & told him about what I wanted to do.

He gave me some tips on the book & later suggested some titles for me. Then I chose ' The search for you : 7 proven secrets to a new you ' (that's the power of meeting with those ahead of you which I mentioned in the last chapter of the book). I moved on with writing the book & would go back to Mr. George when I have a question. The whole process took me about 3 months,from when I got the idea till when I started writing. I continued writing  & would go back to read it over again to see if it made sense. Yes, I faced what every other person out there might face. That is, the fear of letting your ideas out for the whole world to see.

I asked my myself what people will say when they read my book, will they condemn it or will they appreciate it. But thank GOD I never dwelled too long on the negative aspect of it (lesson : never ask yourself why something will not work, rather ask your self how will you do it that it will work).

I finally wrote the whole book, though I was worried why it wasn't voluminous until I realized that it doesn't have to look like a dictionary before its called a book. I finally finished it up after long weeks of writing. Then Mr. George did some polishing in the book to make it look like what it is now. I finally tried about three platforms for selling e books, but I wasn't successful in all. I then looked for a way to get my book out there for about a week.

 I spoke to Mr George again & we came up with the idea of talking to Mr. Promise Excel about the book. It wasn't so easy getting to him though (which he said earlier), But I kept on until he found a way out for me to get my book delivered. He's the reason why we can now send you the book by clicking on this link . Yes! I finally got it done & set out a launch date, I decided I'm unstoppable. By the grace of GOD my book has got hundreds of readers in less than one week of its release date. Thanks to first person that ever told me I could write a book, please help me thank Sylvia Kalu.

 I cannot mention everyone who helped me one way or the other here, but if you know you've imparted in me, Thank you so much!

Also, please thank the mother of this young author Goretti Joe.

Thanks to those who read my book & sent in their kind reviews.

I don't need to talk much about Mr. Ikana Daniel Akpata formerly on Rc.1023fm (the only true blunt crazy love doctor) & his wife,  because he's such a wonderful man. Please listen to his radio show & get transformed

Of course I was scared of what it will be like if others read my book, I felt the fear, but I did it anyway!

hey! I don't know much about you, but here's what know : you've got greatness within you!

I hope to get it on amazon soon, by GOD'S GRACE. Though it might take some time. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

which of the chapters did you enjoy the most & why? What's your take on the  book?
what would you like me to write next?