If your salary is delayed, you will turn to a beggar. Start the journey of financial freedom now!

What is financial freedom?

 Financial freedom is that point in your life you reach where by working becomes a choice for you. It is the level you reach that you don't have to work for money anymore, money now works for you. The lack of money is the root of all evil, not the love of money. There are three things that makes every relationship between spouses work. They are namely:
  • Good communication 
  • Good love making 
  • Money 
Money was listed last but it can sometimes determine if a relationship will stand or not. Statistics show that less than 25% of fresh graduates who get a job at 25years usually get financially free at 65years. Are you retired but not tired? It's time you started your journey of financial freedom. Let me not bore you with too many talk & go straight to the point. 

Where to start
  • First you have to be financially intelligent, you can do that by starting with reading good books on money. I recommend you start with Robert kiyosaki's Rich Dad poor Dad & then read as many as you can. 
  • Attend seminars & move with people of like minds, people who have the same goals with you. 
  • Change your circle of friends. If you move with 9 broke people, you will be the 10th. 
  •  Take on opportunities around you. You cannot get these opportunities if you're not open to hearing them. 
Take note that you cannot learn how to cook by mere reading books on how to cook, you have to do it yourself.  Read more