Are you suffering approach anxiety?

Women want to meet you!

Approach anxiety usually starts in the mind, usually with the mindset that beautiful or handsome people are far better than you because of their good looks. But are they really as good as you give them credit for in your head? To kill approach anxiety, what I did was that before talking to someone, I change my thinking from being below that person to being the one in charge, once you are able to do this, you get confident because you're now taking the dominant position, you're now in charge and you can now say what it is you want.

When you're with people, it's advisable to take the dominant role, that is, taking initiative without anyone asking. This can help boost your self confidence because when you do that it makes you come off as confident. It's very difficult to spot the difference when someone is pretending to be confident and when one is not. Act like you're very confident of yourself and people will see you as a confident person, when this happens, it's only a matter of time you will begin to see positive results.

How are you working towards killing approach anxiety? Get out & meet that person you won't be caught meeting on a normal day. Get rid of approach anxiety because it can rob you of who you really are.

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