The level of your worth determines everything about you.

Reality says if you're not so valuable to the market place(reality) you don't get much money. Someone might be a valuable brother in the church, in the school etc. ut still earn so little, why? This person is not so valuable to the market place also known as reality. Why would one be paid only $4 an hour? Simply because he's not so valuable to the market place. Why would another be paid $40 an hour for the same work? He has become so valuable to the market place. That's where only explanation.

Is it possible to become more valuable and earn double of what you used to? Of course, it is!

It's simple, like I always say! Work harder on yourself than you do On your job! Work hard on yourself to develop the skills, work hard on yourself to bring about the that change you so much seek. I'm telling you once you're able to do this you will start you will climb the ladder of success swiftly.