Do You still care what others think of you?

What's the way out? 
We all need to be loved by others. That's undeniable, but most of us are in the habit of worrying about what others think of you. Does the lion worry about what the sheep thinks of him? Of course not! He doesn't. You could have a thousand friends on social media, which means you have a thousand different opinions of you.

Many have been let down in life because of this same problem, congrats to you if you're reading this article, because I have a solution for you. Many have ideas and dreams, a good number on them were in the process of implementing, but at some point they asked themselves ' what will Mr. A say if I do this? ' What will those living around me say if I do this? Will they still like me? ' When you get these kind of questions ringing in your head all the time what you get is negativity, & negativity never yields good results.

What's the way out then? You cannot control other people's personal opinion of you, so why bother about what others say? When you get old & grey, do you care what others say of how you look? Of course not! Remember one day that you're gonna die, a day you don't know, so why not focus on the bigger picture? Why not change your focus to that one thing you want to become?

It's easy to do, just decide now not to care whatsoever someone says of you, it can sometimes rob you of who you really are & can consume you so much. When you have an idea, simply share it to like minded people, get inspiration & not negativity from those ahead of you. When you are able to do this, you become more confident & at the same time you get closer to achieving your goals.

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