The mentor rule + the law of 33%

Mentors are really great, they are those people who are already where we want to be. Mentors at times don't make it easy for you to get to them, neither are they making it difficult, some of them are just checking to see how hungry you're to be mentored by them. In your search for mentors as well, you must persevere. Seek to make your life long and it's purpose in the service of people, mentors will help you do that, they are like the shortcuts that you need, you don't want to do it the hard way. Whether you just started or you're already experienced, there's always someone you can learn from. Mentors of course are also willing to help you, once you meet them for help they will remember their struggle and decide to help you as well, only if you're serious and hungry for change.

Find someone who's already successful in that field that you are going into, make sure he's not a little bit better than you, he should be ten times better than you, ask him what the things he changed that got him to where he is now and what you too can change as well. We cannot fully explain the impact that mentors can have once you give yourself fully to them and are ready to do whatever it is they recommend for you. However, having a mentor does not mean everything will come easy for you, or that you should stay lazy and not do anything for yourself. You will even work harder when you have a mentor, your mentor is the push you need to achieve that goal you so much desire.

. Here's a little secret I learnt from Tai Lopez who's an American Entrepreneur and investor, he called it the mentor rule : the law of 33 percent -  Divide your life into three, spend 33 percent of your time with people lower than you, people you can teach and also mentor, they can sometimes make you feel good about yourself, these people can also help you back one way or the other.

                 The law of 33%
 spend 33 percent of your time with people of your level, those are your peers and also your friends.

lastly, spend 33 percent of your time with people 20 years ahead of you, they can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, but that's exactly what you need to grow.